Alumni Relations

Alumni Relations

GlobalEd Alumni Relations

GlobalEd alumni belong to a still small but growing community of people who dare to go above and beyond, to step outside their circle of comfort, immerse themselves in another culture, learn a second language and challenge themselves academically, personally and professionally.

Our Alumni are our end product

Ultimately, we view our Alumni as our end product, not our programs. We design our programs to increase self-awareness, help students develop marketable skills and increase their overall employability. To follow through with our commitment to this mission, requires maintaining the relationship beyond the program end dates and providing continued support and guidance throughout their careers.

The GlobalEd Family

Once a GlobalEd student successfully completes one of our programs, we consider them part of the GlobalEd Family. This is our way of saying that just because a program has ended does not mean that our relationship has to end. And our goal is to be there for our alumni throughout their career, as a coach, a mentor and even a friend.

As part of our commitment to the continued success of our GlobalEd's alumni, we offer the following:

  • See our alumni when we're in town.
  • Provide career advice when needed.
  • Review resumes when switching jobs.
  • Leave a positive review on LinkedIn Profiles.
  • Act as a professional reference.
  • Prepare a Letter of Recommendation.

Helping Others

We also like to continue to promote our alumni not only to potential graduate schools and employers but as a role model for others to follow; to show others that every experience is unique and that going abroad is possible. There are so many ways to help others through their experiences.

Here are just a few example of how our Alumni collaborate:

  • Offer to speak with future program participants that are exploring going abroad but have specific questions. Sometimes future students want to hear answers from someone who has actually experienced it firsthand.
  • Share their stories through our Student Profiles on our website.
  • Leave positive evaluations on study abroad directories.
  • and even represent GlobalEd at study abroad fairs (btw... we compensate our alumni who take the lead and manage tables).

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