Seville, Spain is the number one destination for 2018

Seville, Spain is the Lonely Planet’s #1 destination recommendation for 2018

In an article published by CNN, The Lonely Planet has announced Seville, Spain to be the world’s number one destination choice for 2018.

Hear from Steven Davis, GlobalEd Programs Executive Director on what this worldwide recognition means to him:


We are so excited that Seville has received the international recognition it deserves. As a U.S. citizen and resident of Seville, Spain for nearly 20 years, I have always known of the beauty and draw of this wonderful city and its culture.

Here are just a few things I love about the city of Seville (or “Sevilla” once you get to know it). I’m sure you grow to love these parts of Sevilla as well, should you choose to visit, study, or intern here:

  • The people – I always say that the climate of Seville is as warm as friendly as people. Sevilla It’s one of the few locations in the world that has the amenities of a large city with the feel of a small town. You can literally walk down the street and engage strangers in conversation who are sure to be just as interested you if you are in them.
  • The food – Oh god the food! The Mediterranean cuisine is renowned internationally for its wide variety of foods, colors and small portions. Some of my favorite foods are
    • Espinacas con Garbanzos (Spinach with Chickpeas)
    • Gazpacho
    • Jamón Serrano (Iberian Ham)
    • Pimiento Frito (Fried Peppers)
    • Lentejas (Lentils)
    • Paella
    • Solomillo al Whiskey (Pork loins with Whiskey Sauce)
  • The Nightlife – The city comes alive after 10pm with restaurants open often until midnight or 1am. Generally, it is a very safe city with great weather, making it easy to enjoy a stroll around the city after sunset.
  • The History – If you are a fan of history, painting for architecture, Sevilla has it ALL. From the first Roman settlement, to the archives housing Christopher Columbus’s documents, to the oldest royal palace that is still in use by the royal family, there’s something for everyone.

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Seville, Spain Number One City 2018


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