Credit for Spanish Class

Getting Credit for Spanish Class

If you’re planning on taking a Spanish course with GlobalEd, on a summer or custom program, and would like to receive academic credit for Spanish class, you will need to speak with your university to confirm the transferability of credit PRIOR to participating on the program.

It’s important to note that the Spanish courses, during summer or custom programs, are offers in weekly increments totaling 20 hours of language instruction per week. This is important to know, because the amount of credit your university will consider awardng, once the academic institution and courses are approved, is the number of contact hours or instruction you will receive. If your university works on a semester calendar, 3 credits is equal to roughly 45 contact hours of instruction. Some universities are flexible when it comes to interpreting these contact hours. So, in order to receive 3 credits for your Spanish course, you may have to extend your Spanish language training to 2 (40 hours total) or even 3 (60 hours total) weeks.

Similar to the process of requesting credit for an internship, your advisors will want information on three things…

1. The Program Provider

If your university or advisors are unfamiliar with GlobalEd, they will want more information on our organization. Pressing the button below will provide you with a summary of GlobalEd and the types of programs we run.

Download a Company Dossier

2. The Host Institution

Our host institution, The “Centro de Lenguas e Intercambio Cultural” (Center for Languages and Intercultural Exchange or CLIC) first started teaching language courses in 1983. Today, CLIC is one of the most important language centers in Spain, where over 2,000 Spaniards study Japanese, Arabic, French and English, among other languages every year, and around 2,300 students a year come from all over the world to learn Spanish.

Download information on the Language Learning Center

3. The Syllabi – Get Credit for Spanish Class

Finally, but not least important, your university/advisor will want to review the syllabus of the Spanish course to ensure that the learning objectives are well defined and match the criteria required for credit. You may download the descriptions of the courses or the individual syllabi below.

Spanish Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions



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