Myers Briggs

As part of our efforts to help our program participants increase their self awareness, understanding of personality differences and ultimately how to use this information to increase their productivity and employability, we incorporate a world renowned tool into many of our study abroad, internship and faculty-led programs known as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

What is MBTI?

The MBTI is an analytical tool, based on the theories of Swiss psychologist Carl G. Jung, designed to explain the existence of a logical framework behind a simple set of human behavioral traits that when combined create a specific personality. Understanding these traits as they relate to you will provide you with a point of reference for understanding why people act and think the way they do.

Students will receive a link to an online test where they will be prompted to answer a series of questions. The results of this test will allow us to create a report that will be given to each students after our training session.

How to Prepare for the Test

The accuracy of this tool depends entirely on your mindset when you answer the questions. Getting in the right mindset is not easy. Why? According to Myers Briggs, your personality may be comprised of four specific behavioral traits (which you’ll learn about in our training session), however, as human beings our behavior adapts to each situation as needed. In other words, we all wear multiple hats through our lives and each day. As a son or daughter you inarguably behave differently than as a brother or sister, classmate, sports team player or young professional. We are constantly using different behavioral traits, some of which accurately represent our personality preferences, and others which do not.

Information about the test format

This assessment uses a forced-choice format, meaning that every question offers only two possible answers. While the answers may not seem to be related there does exist a logic to them which will be explained after the results are calculated.

For example,

What would you rather do on a Friday night?

A) go to a party
B) read a book

Getting in the right mindset

I have heard students tell me me that they wish “C) DEPENDS ON THE SITUATION” were one of the answers. The goal here is to get you to think beyond MOOD and answer these questions in your most natural state. In other words, in a hundred similar situations, which one are you most likely to prefer? Rephrasing the question this way may help you drive to the answer that helps you/us accurately assess your personality.

Common Questions

Is this a test?

This is not really a test in the traditional sense. Although you may hear us use the term “test”, from time to time, we prefer to use the term ‘assessment’.

How long is this assessment?

Please reserve between 20-30 minutes to complete this assessment. You will need a quiet place without distractions. Only your computer, internet connection and a browser are needed.

Do I need to prepare for this assessment?

No. The only preparation you need is to be in a quiet environment and to be in the proper mindset. This assessment is only designed to measure your preferences. As mentioned in the previous email, you will be asked to choose between two commonplace scenarios both of which will be familiar to you. By letting us know which of the multiple scenarios you choose, we will be able to generate a report that will provide you with insight that will help you prosper in teams and leadership situations.

When do you need this assessment to be taken?

This assessment needs to be taken no less than two weeks prior to your arrival onsite. However, the sooner you take this test, the more likely you will not forget to take it. Taking the test after arrival will likely result in not receiving your results at the most appropriate time. So, please take the test at your earliest convenience.

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