The GlobalEd Story

Back in 2009, GlobalEd received its first application for a summer internship program in Seville, Spain. Kirsten was looking for ways to prepare for graduation, and studying abroad seemed like a great way to do it.

As someone who has had experience delivering study abroad programs overseas since 2001, I always knew that the study abroad experience had untapped potential. I could tell that these experiences could have a much more profound effect on a person’s personal, linguistic, cultural, social, and professional growth than they were currently delivering.

I had coordinated internships, site visits, group projects, and other programs that brought the community closer to the students, providing a deeper more meaningful level of more engagement. I particularly love working with faculty leaders eager to take their students abroad and do more. The feedback I received was filled with enthusiasm and gratitude, and ultimately validated the extra effort that I had put into designing and delivering the programs. These experiences started to shape the perspectives of my students, boost their belief of what they were capable of accomplishing and influence their career paths. These experiences were creating long lasting value.

Motivated by the enthusiasm of my students and visiting faculty leaders, I started to push the upper management of the next couple organizations I worked for to create more experiential programs. However, I was told that it wasn’t an attractive business model. Too high maintenance. Staff-to-student ratios were too high. Too much can go wrong. But through it all, it remained my opinion that as educators, it is our obligation to take those risks, and focus on creating valuable life changing experiences. I’m going to get a little cliché here, but I had to follow my heart. So I left a secure job and career to focus 100% on this dream of designing more experiential and engaging programs.

Since that first student, we’ve had hundreds of students participate on different GlobalEd programs. More and more universities are sending faculty-led groups that combine their classes with our internships, site visits, guest speakers and more. A passionate and excited group has come together to form the GlobalEd team, and that team has become my family of which I am most proud. It’s a team of people like myself, who truly want to make a difference.

With the help of the GlobalEd team and feedback from our program participants, GlobalEd has evolved, specialized, and adapted to the growing interests of universities, faculty and students to include engaging programs in the areas of medicine, business, engineering, IT, communications, tourism & hospitality, etc… the list goes on.

So what’s next? I get asked that all the time. Aside from world domination (ha ha), we want to continue to grow in different directions, create new programs and expand to new locations. We are creating an alumni community to enable our program participants to connect to each other, share employment opportunities and to keep us up-to-date on their career paths.

Our organization, just like life, is constantly growing and changing with the times. While many organizations in the study abroad field look at their programs as their final product, we choose to look at our students as our final product.

Your success and happiness is our ultimate goal. For this reason, we consider all of our program participants as family. We maintain contact with everyone, hoping that they will continue to use as a professional reference, to review their resume, but most importantly to consider us a lifelong friend.

To learn more about our company, our mission, or our programs, shoot us a message, or visit this page to find a program. We’d love to chat with you and see how your life could transform abroad.


Steven Davis, Executive Director


GlobalEd Abroad