Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications

Join a team of developers whose mission is to help executives make sense out of all of the data they have been collecting. As a marketer you will analyze the products and services provided by this company and compare those products and services with competitors worldwide.


  • Investigate the US market
  • Develop and propose a communications plan and budget
  • Translation and development materials in English
  • Work with a team of product developers
  • Learn about data analysis and the development of software solutions
  • Join a specific project for a governmental organization to analyze statistical and geographical data.


We are seeking… a business minded student with an academic background in marketing and/or communications interested in applying their academic discipline in a real world scenario.

  • Relation to academic discipline required
  • A positive mindset and initiative are important attributes
  • Some Spanish needed

About the Company

This company is a technology studio with 11 programmers and analysts which currently develops projects for companies and government organizations in four different countries. The focus and passion of this development team is the analysis of data and creation of applications (various platforms) to visualize this data and to facilitate better decision-making. Geo-localization projects and developing on iOS and Android platforms are present in many of these projects.

Applicable Majors

Advertising/Marketing/PR, Communications, Marketing, Mass Communication, Public Relations

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Working on projects and sharing ideas
Teamwork is essential
Enjoying time with co-workers
The development team
Comparing Data against maps
Enjoy time with fellow employees
iOS and Android apps
Work on projects from beginning to end

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