Project Management Intern

Project Management Intern

This intern will have an opportunity to expose him/herself to a wide range of functions related to technical project management. The actual job description and responsibilities of the intern will vary depending on the intern's skills sets and the company's ongoing projects that are undergoing at the moment of the intern's incorporation.


  • Work with a team of architects, engineering, and project managers on the various ongoing projects
  • Learn about the world of outsourced engineering and project management
  • Function primarily in Spanish on a daily basis with co-workers
  • Participate on the ongoing projects of the teams in your department
  • Develop a network of professionals in the field that can benefit you throughout your career


  • A working knowledge of Spanish is required for this position
  • The intern must be willing to collaborate on a team and assume different roles, as needed
  • Academic discipline of intern should be related to the functions of the position

About the Company

The trend on the current market is for real estate projects to become more complex, requiring multidisciplinary teams with architects, engineers, technical architects and economists. Banking entities, investors or major companies, see the need for the independent management of each of these services, making coordination tasks difficult and wasting possible synergies. In this context, our organization steps forward to offer a practical and efficient solution: integral real estate project management. We manage the work of all participants, negotiate good terms and control the quality, time and cost of the entire project.

Applicable Majors

Business Administration/Management, Business Development, Engineering, International Business, Project Managment, Supply Chain Management/Logistics

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The team
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Projects involve the feedback and input of several co-workers
Renovating and preparing comercial space
Interns will work in a conveniently located office space .
Residential complexes
Work on large residential projects

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