Real Estate Developer

Real Estate Developer

Join a real estate development team that incorporates a wide range of skills from various fields including project management, architecture, engineering, sales, and analysis.


  • Work with a team of architects, engineers and project planners
  • Learn about architectural design and construction projects
  • Perform investigative analysis for future initiatives
  • Gather cost information on materials and supplies for current projects
  • Help prepare proposals by calculating related expenses
  • Participate in the management of vendor relationships


We are looking for an organized and disciplined individual with technical skillsĀ and a strong desire to learn about project management.

  • No knowledge of the Spanish language is required
  • Some relation to major or career interest is recommended
  • Current university student or recent graduate
  • 2.5 GPA

About the Company

We are both an architecture studio and a real estate developer seeking to build a team to work on various urban planning projects over the summer. We offer expert designing and consulting services along with the assurance that our clients are dealing with highly qualified and reliable professionals. Students with an academic background related to these fields will use their knowledge in a practical setting, understand how it relates to the project at hand and how to work in teams.

Applicable Majors

Business Administration/Management, Project Managment, Real Estate Management

Image Gallery

The product on a project management project
Working on design plans and preparing the workspace
Using spreadsheets to calculate costs and project revenue and profit margins
Gonzalo is pleased with the project
interviewing with a project manager

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