Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Developing marketable skills is a key component to any internship opportunity. The skills and the degree to which they will developed will vary depending on your attitude and interests. Here are some skills that passed interns have claimed to develop.

Learned how to collect and analyze data using spreadsheets
Gain a full understanding of the sales process
Build your Spanish vocabulary related to the sector
Learned how to correspond professionally via email
Gain a full understanding on how to read data on sales and marketing tendencies
Gain fluency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)


  • Work with a team of sales representatives and marketers
  • Make phone calls to independent property owners
  • Send out emails and keep correspondence with interested people
  • Keep a detailed spreadsheet of calls
  • Discover new properties that might be interested in our service
  • Report and give feedback in sales team meeting


We are looking for someone with an organized, friendly, proactive, dynamic and responsible attitude and with a strong working knowledge of Office applications. No level of Spanish is required for this position.

  • No level of Spanish is required for this position
  • We will adapt your responsibilities to your major or career interests
  • Current university student or recent graduate
  • 2.5 GPA

About the Company

This young start-up company is a successful online booking platform similar to Expedia or AirBnB specializing in unique, nature-based accommodations. Based in Seville, Spain, this business relies primarily on search engine traffic to build its visibility and worldwide reach. With nearly 3000 accommodation options, this directory has surpassed 75,000 visits in one month with goals to surpassed 150,000 this year.

Applicable Majors

Business Administration/Management, Hospitality, Information Technology, Marketing, Sales, Tourism

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Work with international teams
Typical Glamping accommodations
Learn directly from the CEO
Learn about the different classifications of Glamping sites
Higher prices and high demand products
Examples of Glamping accommodations 2
Examples of glamping accommodations
Be a part of the world's largest glamping search engine
Another example of a Glamping accommodation

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