Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant

Work with professors and the founder of this language school to provide English language instruction to children between the ages of 4 and 18.


  • Join a team of Spanish and international instructors
  • Participate in the creation of learning activities for ADHD children • Suggest approaches to child learning based on age ranges
  • Assist teachers in the daily classroom activities
  • Propose ADHD activities that meet specific learning objectives
  • Apply academic knowledge and any previously acquired skills


We’re looking for an enthusiastic and expressive intern with strong interest in applying psychology/human development studies to a practical learning environment.

  • No knowledge of the Spanish language is required
  • Some relation to major or career interest is recommended • Current university student or recent graduate
  • 2.5 GPA

About the Company

This is a small private language center is based in Seville, Spain which considers itself to be more of a cultural center for competency development. Through the implementation of psychological and active learning techniques, the language instruction goes beyond language to teach students about the cultural exchange of ideas and experiences at an early age creating a base for linguistic and cultural competency.

Applicable Majors

Education/Teaching, English, Spanish, TEFL, TESOL

Image Gallery

Work with children up to 18 years of age
Postcards from students who have traveled
Many activities are outdoors in the community
Join a team of teachers who love what they do
Helping children enjoy learning English
Help to coordinate numerous activities
Get involved in the community
Enjoy working closely with teachers
Learn to teach English
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