Travel and Promotional Guide

Travel and Promotional Guide

Work with one of Seville's largest excursion coordinator offering travel packages to international students to travel of Portugal and Morocco, as well as other destinations within Spain.


  • Participate in the design of advertising campaigns to promote excursions directed toward the English speaking tourists.
  • Help design tourist packages directed toward the parents of students
  • Provide customer service to international visitors
  • Create and participate in public relations activities
  • Provide additional support as needed


We are looking for an organized and disciplined individual with energy and initiative to propose and implement ideas that add value to our magazine.

  • No knowledge of Spanish is needed for this position
  • Relation to major or some prior work experience is preferred
  • Current university student or recent graduate
  • 2.5 GPA

About the Company

This organization is one of the most successful organizers of excursions oriented to students and tourists in Seville. Their most popular trips include: Portugal, Morocco and the Southern Coast of Spain.

Applicable Majors

Advertising/Marketing/PR, Business Administration/Management, Event Planning, Hotel Restaurant Management, Marketing, Travel/Tourism

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Portugal Excursions
Experiences that will dominate your interviews
promote and help organize exotic excursions
Love your work
Be part of a team
Make international friends
Participate in marketing programs
Learn how to manage tour groups
Coordinate and Travel with international students

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