Urgent Care Administrative Intern

Urgent Care Administrative Intern

Students in this internship will have the opportunity to work with administrative and medical professionals providing emergency medical care services as will as initiatives both in Spain and internationally. Students will join teams working on different local, national or international projects as needed.


  • Provide daily support to administration staff in the health care field
  • Shadow professionals in the field allowing them to practice their English
  • Rotate responsibilities between different departments & functions as needed
  • Gain direct exposure to world of urgent care services
  • Receive career guidance from mentors and colleagues
  • Work long hours and perform a wide range of support functions


  • Intern must have a working knowledge of Spanish
  • Major must be related to the functions of the internship

About the Company

The organization has been consolidated as a leading organization in emergency medical services and emergency, also offering medical examinations, health monitoring, conventions and various collaborations and health matters:
- Clinics in Seville handle emergencies, medical exams & health surveillance.
- Agreements with mutual and prevention services.
- We collaborate with leading private healthcare companies to provide all kinds of medical and home care solutions.

Applicable Majors

Business Administration/Management, Community Health Education, Global Health, Health Administration, Health Care Studies, Health Communication, Health Promotion, International Business, International Relations, Public Health, Public Relations

Image Gallery

Organizational Leadership
On the ground training
Ambulatory Team
Trainee being interviewed
Emergency Simulations help trainee work efficiently under pressure
Realistic accident scenarios are used for training
One of the Medical Teams
EMT Training Class
Emergency Medical Training Camp

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