Online Project Management Internship

As a remote project management and team leader you will be in charge of managing a Team Project. A GlobalEd supervisor will provide leadership training and support to help you effectively define the project responsibilities assigned to you, timeline, selection of team members, division of responsibilities, deliverables and team presentations. As a team leader, you will be ultimately responsible for managing the project and communication between team members and the company supervisor. Regular communication is needed to keep the team on track and make sure the deliverables are met and meet expectations.


  • Perform a minimum of 160 hours of work with and managing a team project for a domestic or international company
  • Apply your academic discipline to the team project

Professional Development Training Seminars

  • Build your self-awareness through our Myers Briggs workshop
  • Acquire organization skills for performing in a remote work environment
  • Familiarize yourself with Collaborative Software
  • Receive online presentation and public speaking training
  • Develop a powerful resume through our resume workshop
  • Learn how to articulate your experiences in a way that will appeal to employers through GlobalEd's Education Platform

Follow up and Supervision

  • Meet weekly with a GlobalEd mentor to review project goals and weekly plans
  • Meet with your team three times per week to discuss project progress and completion

Upon Program Completion

  • Present your project with the team to the company
  • Join GlobalEd's Alumni Network (GAiN)
  • Receive a letter of recommendation

Dates and Pricing


24 June - 4 Aug 2020

22 June 2020

GlobalEd Abroad