Payment Options

Payment Options

Please read the following information on payment options for our study abroad programs.

There are 4 ways to pay for your GlobalEd study abroad program


Direct Deposit 

If you're located near a Bank of America branch office, you can make a deposit straight into GlobalEd's account. Please be sure to write your name on the deposit slip so we can match your payment to your account. To find a Bank of America office near you, go here.

Bill Pay 

This is a popular and convenient payment method for students with bank accounts in United States.

ACH Transfer - Each bank had their own terminology for making affordable interbank transfers using the ACH method (Automatic Clearing House).

Wire Transfer

While a wire transfer can also be performed what from within the United States, the ACH alternative is considerably more affordable. The routing number for wire transfers is different than ACH and is more commonly used for transfers made from banks located outside the United States.

Check/Mail Order

If you prefer to pay by check or mail order, the attached document includes the mailing address.

When a payment is made, please notify us at your earliest convenience so that we can look out for the payment and link it as quickly as possible to your account letting us know the method, date and amount that was paid. As soon as payment is received and confirmed, we will send you a notification.


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