Auburn University Business Consulting Projects (Faculty-led)

Seville, Spain


This 4-week program provides hands-on work experience combined with a unique cultural experience. Students will work in teams on a consulting project for a Spanish business client. The project will be defined by the client and student teams will prepare a written report and make a formal presentation to the client at the end of the program with their proposed solutions/advice and recommendations. The purpose of the program is to provide students with a real-life work experience solving real business problems through teamwork in an international setting. Students will also gain valuable experience working with students in different majors, as well as gain experience developing and making presentations and preparing and writing formal business reports.


  • Airport Pickup, Welcome Dinner & Program Orientation
  • Auburn University Course Enrollment
  • Team-based Consulting Project
  • Myers Briggs Training
  • Local Cultural Activities
  • Excursions to Cádiz, Córdoba and Granada
  • Family Housing (with full meal plan)
  • Experienced Onsite Staff
  • Medical Health Insurance
  • Pre-departure Advising
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Farewell Event



Global Education and Career Development Abroad (GlobalEd) has been functioning since 2009 as an educational institution with a special focus on the development of skill sets within the academic discipline of our program participants. GlobalEd designs Career Path Programs by combining the study abroad experience with language learning, leadership training and internships. We offer credit and non-credit options to cater to both undergraduate students and recent graduates.



In order to work well in teams and become an effective leader, one must know his/her own strengths and pitfalls, understand the complexity of team dynamics, as well as develop the cultural framework for understanding and appreciating cultural values. The Myers-Briggs tool will be used to facilitate self-awareness and how to work better in teams. Students will perform a test online prior to arrival and will receive the results of their Myers-Briggs personality profile during their onsite session after learning about the elements of personality, based on Carl Jung, and performing a self-assessment.


Program participants will live with a Spanish family and will receive a full meal plan. All students will live in a single room but will most likely share the family with another student under our buddy system. All placements typically have WIFI access and include reasonable use of utilities. Housing assignments are communicated prior to arrival in the form of a housing sheet and are designed to match the needs and expectations of each program participant. The detailed information in our housing sheets describes the housing accommodation, amenities, occupants, location, description of the neighborhood and a distance chart to local points of interest.

Student life

Travel will include a weekend trip to Granada, a day in Cordoba, and day trip to a beach. Weekly cultural and social activities in Seville include a flamenco show, Mediterranean tasting session, Arab tea house, bike tour, and “Tapeando” culinary and social event. Tours and specific details will be provided prior to departing the U.S. and are subject to change

Cultural Activities

  • Welcome Dinner exposing students to local Spanish foods
  • Experience the culinary and social event called “Tapeando”
  • Afternoon Coffee along the Guadalquivir River
  • Flamenco Show
  • Bicycle Tour of Seville
  • Mediterranean Cooking Class
  • Visit an Arab Tea House
  • Farewell Dinner

Trips and Excursions

Program participants will be visiting the historic cities of Cádiz, Córdoba and Granada.


Students work in groups to present their findings
Students take turns presents and providing feedback
The companies that collaborate with us enjoy learning from the students and sharing their business practices
GlobalEd is constantly working to expand our reach of collaborators
Student propose solutions to the challenges posed by their companies
We work with a wide range of companies and sectors which appeals to program participants
Students gather in a think tank session to provide feedback
Before starting a project, students visit the companies they'll work for and receive an orientation on the company and project.
Cultural activities a big part of ALL of our programs
Enjoying the local cuisine is an important part of the study abroad experience
Walking tours and local activities strengthen the bond between program participants and teammates
Living with a local family gives students direct access to the culture, it's food and values
Students will interview workers to gain a better understanding of the scope of the project
Company participate in coaching the students through their team projects
Companies of all areas collaborate with us to create meaningful experiences for our students

Dates and Pricing

No Dates and Prices are currently available for this program.

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