Summer Spanish Language and Business Internship in Seville, Spain

Seville, Spain


Study business abroad and participate in a summer internship program in Seville, Spain customized to match your career aspirations. GlobalEd provides work immersion experiences relevant to your academic background and personal interests combined with Spanish language classes and professional development training where you will learn to increase your marketability, work better in teams and become a more effective leader. Obtaining up to 6 transferrable credits for this program (3 credits for Spanish and 3 credits for the internship) is possible through two academic institutions that we work with. The Escuela Universitaria Superior de Andalucia (EUSA) is a branch institution of the University of Seville and collaborates to GlobalEd to recognize the academic component of the internship during our summer programs awarded the equivalent of 3 credits on a graded transcript. The Centro de Lenguas e Intercambio Cultural (CLIC) is an language center accredited by the Instituto Cervantes and provides intensive Spanish language training in weekly increments. Transcripting fees may apply.


  • RESEARCH – gather as much relevant information as possible about the product, sector and/or business through interviews, observations, and investigation.
  • ANALYZE – using spreadsheets to analyze the information gathered, identify trends and opportunities and determine the viability of the product or business.
  • CONCLUDE – draw your conclusions and justify them in writing.
  • PRESENT – present your conclusion in a 15 minute presentation.



Global Education and Career Development Abroad (GlobalEd) has been functioning since 2009 as an educational institution with a special focus on the development of skill sets within the academic discipline of our program participants. GlobalEd designs Career Path Programs by combining the study abroad experience with language learning, leadership training and internships. We offer credit and non-credit options to cater to both undergraduate students and recent graduates.



The resume enhancing benefits of performing an internship abroad can only be seen if you understand how to articulate your experiences and the skills that you have developed to address the needs of your future employer. Upon arrival, you will receive a cultural orientation to provide you with a framework for understanding your own cultural values and those of the local Spanish culture. Our Myers-Briggs training sessions will empower you to utilize your knowledge of personality to facilitate interaction in the workplace and ultimately obtain the results you’re looking for. Finally, one of our program objectives is for you to identify the skill sets you have developed during your internship and articulate them in a resume.


As a student you will have different housing options to choose from to match your lifestyle. From self-catered apartments to living with a Spanish family and receiving three meals per day all students will live within a 10-20 minute walk from campus. Self-catered apartments are included in the base price of the program. For an additional fee, you may choose to live with a Spanish family which includes: a full meal plan (3 meals per day), weekly laundry and cleaning service.

Student life

You will also have access to cultural activities such as walking tours of the city, visiting monuments, and joining excursions that will allow you to meet locals and other international students from around the world. As a student you will draw from a stipend which will provide you with the flexibility to take trips to destinations like Morocco, Granada, Córdoba or Lagos, Portugal.

Cultural Activities

The calendar of activities will be posted at the beginning of each term. Activities will vary depending on the time of year.
  • Horse & Carriage
  • Walking Tour
  • Tapas Night Out
  • Movie Night
  • Sports
  • Cooking Classes
  • Language Exchange Partner

Trips and Excursions

A travel stipend will be awarded to program participants which can be used to select from various programmed day trip and overnight excursions. Examples of such excursions are:
  • Gibraltar
  • Lagos, Portugal
  • Morocco
  • Italica
  • Córdoba
  • Granada


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Patricio's picture was posted on the company bulletin board the first day of work for all to see.
Learn directly from the CEO
Edwin Preciado along the Guadalquivir River in Seville, Spain
Samantha eating a typical Spanish pastry
Receiving a tour of the warehouse
GlobalEd Campus - Jessica Ertel
Class sizes are 6 to 10 students
Internship Interview Placement Process

Dates and Pricing



Dates 3 July - 1 August 2020
Application Deadline 1 May 2020



Dates 4 June - 3 July 2020
Application Deadline 1 April 2020

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