Summer Medical Internship in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina


If you're interested in pursuing a career in health care, GlobalEd's summer medical internship in Buenos Aires, Argentina can help you dramatically increase your candidacy for med-school. Confirm your career path in health care by participating in a 4-week Medical Internship Program in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires. During the first week you will take an intensive Spanish course to build your medical vocabulary while participating in local cultural activities. From weeks two to four, you will shadow doctors of various disciplines in a local hospital. We provide intensive language training to increase your competency level helping your convert your knowledge of Spanish into a tool. Above and beyond the internship, this program includes intensive Spanish language training, weekly activities and the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture by living with a local family. Your weekends will be free allowing you time to travel in and around Argentina and travel to such locations as Iguazú Falls, Cordoba, Mendoza, etc... This program offers two four-week options for you to go abroad. This program requires a conversational level of Spanish known as B1. A simple phone conversation with our staff can help determine the level.


  • Take one week of intensive Spanish language training (Week 1)
  • Perform a medical internship in a local hospital (Weeks 2-4)
  • Participate in weekly cultural activities
  • Choose between living in a shared apartment or upgrade to a local family including two meals per day
  • Use a travel stipend to travel in and around Argentina with other international students
  • Receive professional development training



GlobalEd has recently expanded its locations to include Buenos Aires. Global Education and Career Development Abroad (GlobalEd) has been functioning since 2009 as an educational institution with a special focus on the development of skill sets within the academic discipline of our program participants. GlobalEd designs Career Path Programs by combining the study abroad experience with language learning, leadership training and internships. We offer credit and non-credit options to cater to both undergraduate students and recent graduates.



The effectiveness of your ability to articulate your experience abroad in a resume and interview will have a profound impact on your employability. GlobalEd provides cultural training to prepare you for your immersion experience and provides you with a framework for understanding and analyzing different cultural values. You will also receive Myers-Briggs training to gain an in-depth understanding of your own personality and be able to explain why people act and think the way they do. Our ongoing coaching throughout your session abroad will help you contextualize your experiences in a positive and productive manner. And finally, you will learn how to put all of this into a resume and use it to dominate your interviews for the first years of your career.


Students will have to option to live in a self-catered shared apartment (shared double room) or upgrade to a local family and receive two meals per day. Apartments are a great option for independent students that prefer to eat out or prepare their own food. Living with a local family is a wonderful opportunity to improve your language skills and to expose yourself to local foods and customs. Most of GlobalEd’s families have received international students in the past and enjoy the daily interaction. You will be placed in a single or double room and have the option to request a roommate preference if traveling with a friend. The program includes two meals a day, wifi and normal utility usage.

Student life

As a program participant, you will have a weekly agenda exposing you to the local cultural through weekly activities and receive a travel stipend to apply towards a variety of cultural activities such as walking tours of the city, visiting monuments, tango lessons, photography, and excursions that will allow you to meet locals and other international students from around the world.

Cultural Activities

Each week we will post all scheduled activities for that week on-line as well as on our school notice board. These activities range from walking guided visits in the most traditional neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, monument visits, bike tours, tango shows, visits to the local museums, soccer tickets, movie tickets, cooking classes, afternoon conversations in our Spanish Conversation Club.

Trips and Excursions

GlobalEd offers a 11,000 Argentine Peso stipend (approximately $200) to students on this summer program allowing them the opportunity to choose from a variety of excursions organized by popular providers in the area. Examples of popular destinations include:
  • Iguazú Falls
  • Tigre
  • Mar de Plata
  • Colonia
  • Mendoza
  • Salta
  • Puerto Madryn
  • Mountain Hiking


Go shopping in downtown buenos aires
Check out BA's La Boca Neighborhood known for its color and artists
Tigre is a popular tourist location filled with canals and restaurants
Arts is everywhere in the streets of Buenos Aires
Learn how to dance the Tango
Take intensive Spanish classes in small groups and earn college credit
Meeting international students and make friends from all over the world
Take excursions to the beautiful countryside of Mendoza, Argetnina
Visit the famous Casa Rosada (The Pink House)
Iguazú Falls is absolutely amazing
Make Buenos Aires your home
Beatiful statues and color can be found everywhere
Check out the Andes mountains
Tigre, Argentina
La Plaza del Congreso

Dates and Pricing

4 Week Medical Internship + Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina (July)

$3,950 (Apartment) / $4,450 (Family)

Dates 2 - 31 July 2020
Application Deadline 1 May 2020

4 Week Medical Internship + Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina (June)

$3,950 (Apartment) / $4,450 (Family)

Dates 4 June - 3 July 2020
Application Deadline 1 May 2020

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