4 Week Summer Pre-med Internship/EMT, Spanish & Culture Program in Seville, Spain (June)

Seville, Spain


Few programs will compared to the deliverables of this medical internship opportunity. GlobalEd’s Medical Internship Program, EMT and Spanish language program is designed to PREPARE you for a career in health care and give you plenty to talk about on a resume, cover letter and grad school application. As a pre-med program participant, you will spend four weeks in this summer program acquiring a tremendous about of hands-on experience by working in a local hospital or in a private practice for three weeks, increasing your medical Spanish language competency through one week of intensive language training (20 hours total) and participating in GlobalEd's EMT Bootcamp. Aside from all that great work experience, this program also includes: apartment housing (or family housing - upgrade), comprehensive medical insurance, cultural sensitivity orientation, teamwork and leadership training using Myers Briggs, activities and excursions to Cádiz (day trip) and Granada (3 day / 2 night). This experience will NO DOUBT impress grad school and future employers and are sure to dominate your interviews for years to come.


  • Live and work in Seville, Spain during the summer term.
  • Participate in a 3 week international summer medical internship performing 60 hours of onsite work in a local hospital.
  • EMT Bootcamp where you will earn a PHTLS certificate
  • Participate in included weekly activities and excursions to Cádiz and Granada
  • Participate in a one-week Intensive Spanish language training session (40 hours) to help you gain the confidence and medical vocabulary needed to interact with patients.
  • Receive Professional Development Training to prepare you for your career after graduation.



Global Education and Career Development Abroad (GlobalEd) has been functioning since 2009 as an educational institution with a special focus on the development of skill sets within the academic discipline of our program participants. GlobalEd designs Career Path Programs by combining the study abroad experience with language learning, leadership training and internships. We offer credit and non-credit options to cater to both undergraduate students and recent graduates.



This program is ideally suited for undergraduate students and recent graduates that want to put their academic knowledge to work and challenge themselves on a professional, academic and personal level. This experience will NO DOUBT impress grad school and future employers and are sure to dominate your interviews for years to come. The marketable experiences from this program include: cultural immersion, language learning, hands-on exposure to a professional medical environment, witnessing surgeries and births, EMT Training (PHTLS Certification!!), understanding the difference in the U.S. and local health care system, leadership training, etc... The feedback we receive from our past program participants is overwhelmingly positive stating that their experience abroad with GlobalEd's medical internship program has had a PROFOUND impact on their med school applications.


As a program participant you will have different housing options to choose from to match your lifestyle. Students may live in self-catered apartments or upgrade to live with a Spanish family and receive three meals per day. Most students will live within close proximity to each other and within walking distance to their Spanish language class and GlobalEd's offices. Self-catered apartments are included in the base price of the program. For an additional fee, you may choose to live with a Spanish family which includes: a full meal plan (3 meals per day), weekly laundry and cleaning service.

Student life

You will also have cultural activities included in your program such as: Horse and Carriage ride through the city, walking tour of Seville, Welcome Coffee, Flamenco Show, Weekly Tapas Outings, Kayak activity and Mediterranean Cooking Class. Naturally, you will also have access to a variety of activities offered through your language school such as visiting monuments, and joining excursions that will allow you to meet locals and other international students from around the world.

Cultural Activities

The calendar of activities will be posted at the beginning of each term. Activities will vary depending on the time of year.
  • Horse & Carriage
  • Walking Tour
  • Tapas Night Out every week
  • Kayak Activity
  • Flamenco Show
  • Cooking Classes
  • Language Exchange Partner

Trips and Excursions

This program includes excursions to the Beaches of Cádiz (Day trip) and a weekend excursions to Granada (3 days / 2 nights). That being said, there will also be free weekends for independent travel. Popular destinations are:
  • Gibraltar
  • Lagos, Portugal
  • Morocco
  • Italica
  • Córdoba
  • Granada


Infanta Luisa
Hospital 10
Cafeteria Infanta Luisa
7585955552_IMG_3395 copy
Professional development training begins in our training camp
On exam day, students deal with an simulated emergency situation with actors
Hands on experience is the best way to learn
Extracting victims from a smoke-filled bus
Every student can be a team leader, team member AND a VICTIM
One of the Medical Teams
past student study abroad stories

Dates and Pricing

Pre-med/EMT, Spanish Language and Culture Program


Dates 4 June - 3 July 2020
Application Deadline 1 April 2020

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