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All students applying to a GlobalEd program must read, understand and agree to the policies of Global Education and Career Development Abroad. These policies are designed to ensure a smooth application process, make sure the payments are made on time, to set proper expectation by clearly defining the refund policy and to ensure the safety and well being of all program participants. A copy of these policies will accompany the GlobalEd acceptance package which will need to be signed and returned to confirm participation and secure your place in a GlobalEd program.


  • All requests to withdraw from a GlobalEd program must be made in writing to GlobalEd with confirmed receipt by GlobalEd.
  • Cancellations on or before the final application date, the participant will receive a 100% refund minus any transaction fees incurred from in the transaction of receiving or returning funds.
  • Cancellations 5-10 natural days prior to the program start date, the participant will eligible for a 50% refund.
  • Cancellations within 5 natural days prior to the application deadline, the participant will be eligible for a 20% refund.
  • Cancellations on or after the program start date, the participant will not be eligible for a refund.

Please refrain from booking flights for your program, prior to your official acceptance. GlobalEd is not responsible for airline fare or ticket change fees incurred by program participants.


If you plan to use financial aid funds to cover all or any part of your expenses while abroad, please consult with your financial aid advisor to determine the quantity you are eligible for and whether it will apply to a GlobalEd program. Applying early is key to effective financial planning and will help you make prompt payments and avoid any late fees. Students wishing to apply financial aid funds to pay for all or any part of a GlobalEd program must read and complete the GlobalEd Financial Aid Payment Policies document.

This document is used to ensure that proper payment arrangements for your GlobalEd program. This document has two sections:

  • Financial Aid Disbursement Form (to be completed by your Financial Aid Officer)
  • Financial Aid Letter of Agreement form (to be completed by the Student).
  • Students that do not submit the completed financial aid documents by the final payment deadline for their program will incur a $200 late fee.


The Financial Aid Disbursement Form should be submitted to your Financial Aid Advisor who will confirm:

  • The dates of disbursement of the award package
  • The amount of aid the student will receive
  • To whom the check will be made payable

If the financial aid disbursement dates are subsequent to the final payment deadline for your program you will be eligible for a deferment ONLY for the corresponding amount to be awarded. Students are responsible for making prompt payments of any amounts not covered by their financial aid award by the program payment deadlines.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that GlobalEd receives all financial aid no later than 10 business days after the stated disbursement date listed on the Financial Aid Disbursement Form. If you plan to be abroad when the financial aid funds are disbursed, GlobalEd will require a copy of a Power of Attorney document to ensure that payments will be made within the 10 business days stated above.


Students planning on applying financial aid funds to cover all or any part of a GlobalEd program must complete the Financial Aid Letter of Agreement Form. This form ensures that if financial aid funds are not received, you will claim full responsibility for making all necessary payments.

Both the Financial Aid Disbursement Form, the Financial Aid Letter or Agreement and the portion of the program fee NOT covered by your financial aid must be received by GlobalEd by the final payment deadline. Failure to do so will result in a $200 late fee. Please be aware that confirmation deposits cannot be deferred and must be paid by the assigned due dates.

Outstanding Balances

It is the student’s ultimate responsibility to ensure that all program fees are paid.

Any fees not paid by the stipulated deadlines will be subject to a $200 late fee. Students who have applied to a GlobalEd program and have submitted the financial aid paperwork but do not disburse the funds in adherence to GlobalEd’s financial aid payment policy deadlines may be subject to program termination without refund and will be responsible for the entire program fee. Students who are already abroad may be subject to dismissal and will forfeit their rights as a GlobalEd student, including but not limited to forfeiture of university classes, access to activities and excursions, and housing services. Host institutions will If a student fails to pay the amount in full, GlobalEd will exercise its right to transfer any outstanding balances to a collections agency. Additional penalty fees may be assessed at the discretion of the agency.



Application Fee: GlobalEd has a $100 application fee which will only be refunded if the application is not accepted. Payments towards the program fee will begin once your application is processed, your acceptance is confirmed and you have received an acceptance packet.

Confirmation Payment: Upon receiving confirmation of your acceptance, you must make a non-refundable confirmation payment to guarantee your place in the program. Confirmation deposits are $250. In order to hold your place in a program your confirmation payment must be received by GlobalEd no later than 14 days after you receive confirmation of your acceptance, or by the application deadline, whichever comes first.

Final Payment: After making your confirmation payment, GlobalEd will send you an invoice reflecting the pending balance. The invoice will also include information on the program fee, any additional services requested, the confirmation payment, the housing damage deposit and pending amounts due. GlobalEd will send updated invoices with each payment up until final payment is made. Final payments will not be due until the program withdrawal date. The withdrawal date for most summer programs is on the application deadline. For semester, quarter, and academic year programs the withdrawal date is usually 30 days after the application deadline. Any final payments received after the program withdrawal date will be considered late and will be subject to a $200 late fee.

For yearlong programs, GlobalEd requires 60% of the final payment to be paid before the fall semester withdrawal date and the remaining 40% of the final payment to be paid by the spring semester withdrawal date.

Housing Damage Deposit: All GlobalEd program participants are required to submit a fully refundable housing damage deposit along with their final payment. Housing Damage Deposits may vary depending on the duration of program and location, but will typically be around $300 (Summer) and $500 (Semester/Trimester). This deposit will be held by GlobalEd until the end of each program and will be used in the event that you damage any property or incur excessive utility bills. You will be held responsible for any damages to your housing placement that exceed the housing damage deposit.

Payment and Billing Methods: All payments to GlobalEd can be made by credit card, PayPal or wire transfer.



Students are expected to act responsibly at all times and must understand that their behavior and actions must adhere to local laws while abiding by GlobalEd’s Professional Code of Conduct. Above all, respect for others and personal safety is our priority. This includes respecting other students, locals, university representatives, GlobalEd staff and partners/collaborators, adhering to housing norms, our drug and alcohol policy, respecting property and displaying appropriate behavior at all times.


All program participants must understand that they are guests in the host country and should exercise sensitivity to the cultural differences of others. As an international student, exposure to cultural values, opinions and attitudes that differ from their own is to be expected as this is part of the study abroad experience. Successful interaction with the local culture involves observation, asking questions, participating and avoiding confrontations or subjects sensitive to the local culture and also penis stretchers. More information will be given on the local culture during our orientation sessions; however, the student should consult with GlobalEd staff for further questions.


Program Participants receiving GlobalEd Housing must comply with the guidelines and rules established in the Housing Contract which will be handed out and signed during orientation. Students are expected to be respectful of their roommates and neighbors at all times. Behavior which interferes with the experience of others (students, neighbors) or results in potential danger to oneself or others, or the destruction of property, will not be tolerated and may result in losing the housing assignment or even program dismissal without possibility of refund. Students seeking independent housing should sign the Independent Housing Statement and must understand that they will be financially and legally responsible for the terms and conditions of their housing contract.


GlobalEd does not promote the consumption of illegal drugs nor condone alcohol abuse in any of its programs, events or facilities. The purchase, sale, use or possession of illegal drugs is strictly forbidden. “Alcohol abuse” results from excessive consumption of alcohol and/or inappropriate behavior related to the consumption of alcohol which threatens the safety or well-being of oneself or others. While abroad, a participant of legal age to consume alcohol is expected to act responsibly. Destructive or disruptive behavior related to alcohol consumption will not be tolerated. Any violation of this policy is considered serious and may result in dismissal from the program.



Attendance and punctuality are expected of students for courses, internships and mandatory activities.

Courses: Courses, whether offered by a local host institution or with GlobalEd, require both regular attendance and punctuality.

Internships: Students must comply with both the Internship sponsor’s norms (company) as well as those of GlobalEd. Students are expected to design and abide by a work schedule with their internship tutor, even real sizegenetics may help. Failure to attend work without proper notification and sponsor approval or repeated lack of punctuality may result in a negative evaluation on behalf of the company, a reduced or failing grade, or even dismissal from the program.

Mandatory Activities: Students are required to attend all mandatory events, such as orientation. For optional activities we request that students confirm their participation and be punctual for these events, as tardiness interferes with the experience of others.



Internship Program participants must understand that they will be treated as an employee and may be exposed to sensitive and/or propriety data (i.e. financial, strategic, product-related, or competitive information). To abuse these privileges or engage in any unethical or illegal activity with such information will subject the student to the laws of the host country, threaten the relationship between GlobalEd and the sponsoring company and may result in immediate termination of the internship, a failing grade and loss of post program career services support.


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