The Application Process

The Study Abroad Application Process

Our study abroad application process is easy. Once you have decided on a GlobalEd program, the next step is to download our application at the link below, fill it out and return it via mail, fax or email. GlobalEd's study abroad application applies to ALL GlobalEd programs, unless otherwise indicated.

The program application is a six-page document including the following sections:

The Application

This is a simple one page documents requesting contact information, academic information, languages known, and program in which your are interested.


Objectives Statement

By asking for a short paragraph explanation of your short and long-term objectives, we will are able to properly assess whether GlobalEd's programs are properly aligned with your expectations.

Code of Conduct Statement

Our goal is for you to have the time of your life. But we also want our other program participants to have the time of their lives as well. In order to achieve this, our program establishes behavioral norms that make all program participants aware of what behavior guidelines should be met in order to us to effectively do our jobs.

Application Fee Instructions

A $100 application fee is charged to every student applying for a GlobalEd study abroad, language and internship program. Application fees cover administrative costs associated with processing applications. This fee is separate from your program cost and is nonrefundable. The application fee is only refunded if you are not accepted for participation or if the program you apply for is canceled.

How to Make Payments

An explanation of the various ways in which payments can be made is provided in the application. Please see the Payment Options sections for more details.


Additional Information

An unofficial copy of your academic transcript can be submitted in PDF form via email or sent via fax to complete your application.

Once your application is received:

Along with the $100 dollar application fee and an unofficial copy of your academic transcript, you'll receive a confirmation email stating that we are reviewing the application and will respond within 72 hours. If any information is missing from the application we will inform you immediately. Keep in mind that this may delay the review process.

Once we review the application and confirm your eligibility to the program, we will send you an Acceptance Packet via e-mail. The Acceptance Packet includes a number of forms that are needed to confirm your participation in the program such as housing preference and medical questionnaire.


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