The Internship Placement Process

Internship Placement Process Explained


The internship placement process explained

The internship positions we post are “real world” examples of both past and present positions which actually represent a very small percentage of the opportunities available. While some students may see a posting and wish to apply for a specific position, actual placements are not confirmed until after students have applied, been accepted to a program and the matchmaking process has been performed. Unlike traditional study abroad programs, the internship matchmaking process is highly personalized and requires an interview (with us) prior to initiating the search and confirming placements.

Building your profile upon program acceptance

In order to effectively place you in an internship, we need to get to know you first. And we do this by reviewing your resume, considering your top three goals and through an interview. With all of this we build a profile of you based on your attitude, personality, knowledge of languages, and career interests. We also define the criteria on which we will base the internship search, on such elements as, the type of company, the work environment, the sector in which you would like to work and the job responsibilities you would like to have. You do not need to have a clear idea of everything, nor do you need to know exactly what you want. In fact, applying to our program with an open mind and flexibility would allow us the freedom to propose a variety of interesting and engaging positions. Once we’ve gathered this information, we will complete your profile.

Promoting your profile to companies

Once we have your profile defined, we begin searching for companies that may be interested in you and positions to match your academic background, skills sets, language level and career interests. The types of companies and internship opportunities available will vary by destination and term, however, many of the companies we work with repeat every term and are often willing to modify a past position to cater to new profiles. We usually start by consulting with the companies that are actively collaborating with us, however, we are constantly contacting companies outside of our current network. All companies must pass through a verification process to confirm that the environment and internship opportunities are suitable for achieving the learning objectives of each position.

Receiving an offer

An internship offer is given when a company has an internship opportunity that matches the interest, skill sets and background of the student and the company expresses interest in a student after reviewing their profile. We will normally confirm interest from the company first and then propose the opportunity to you, the student, in the form of an internship offer. And that point you will have 72 hours to consider the position, at which point, you will need to either accept or reject the placement.

If you accept an offer within 72 hours of receipt, the position will be secured, a congratulatory email will be sent to both parties, and the placement process will be finalized.

If you reject an offer, you will be ask to provide your reasons for rejecting the offer so your profile can be updated and the next offer will not have the same criteria you used to reject the first offer. Once an offer is rejected, it becomes available to other students.

The process continues until the student is placed.

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