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What's Included: Information About Studying Abroad

GlobalEd offers comprehensive study abroad and internship programs designed to maximize your safety, learning and enjoyment as well as meet the expectations of U.S. sending schools and parents. Whether you sign up for a global seminar, summer, semester or academic year program, you will benefit from a complete range of services including housing options, university enrollment, activities, excursions, medical insurance, onsite staff and more. Below information about studying abroad and what is included:

Student Support

  • GlobalEd helps students choose programs that best supports their academic, personal and professional goals.
  • GlobalEd advisors provide individualized support to students and parents to create a positive and stress free experience.
  • GlobalEd works with students to make sure that all materials are properly submitted for home school approval.

Transferable Credit Issued by Accredited Universities

  • All GlobalEd academic programs use accredited universities to guarantee the transferability of credit.
  • All graded transcripts are issued by the accredited university of each program.
  • GlobalEd works closely with students and academic advisors to ensure that courses receive home school approval prior to arrival.
  • GlobalEd coordinates directly with your school to ensure that transcripts are properly submitted.
information about studying abroad

Course Enrollment

  • GlobalEd assists students to make sure that all intended courses are pre-approved by their home school prior to confirmation.
  • GlobalEd handles the enrollment of students with the local host institutions.
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Arrival and Orientation

  • GlobalEd staff will arrange pick up for students at designated entry points (ie. airports, train stations) for the expected date of arrival.
  • Transportation to your housing assignment will be provided.
  • GlobalEd’s onsite orientation will help students acclimate quickly to their new surroundings, stay safe, understand academic expectations and take full advantage of their time abroad.

Cultural Activities and Excursions

  • GlobalEd provides access to local cultural activities to increase cultural awareness and integration.
  • GlobalEd works with excursion providers that design excursions for study abroad students and awards students with a travel stipend so they can choose the locations, dates and times convenient for them.
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Comprehensive Health and Medical Insurance

  • All GlobalEd program participants will receive comprehensive health and medical coverage throughout the duration of the program. GlobalEd’s medical coverage is specifically designed for study abroad students through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI).
  • We also partner with Assist America provide an additional layer of security while students are abroad including evacuation support.
  • All information regarding coverage will be sent to program participants prior to arrival.
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Access to University Services and Student Community

  • GlobalEd students enrolled in courses at host institutions will be recognized as university students and have access to a variety of services available such as library access, WIFI, cafeteria, study space, and discounts to services provided by local businesses such as gyms, movies, etc.
  • GlobalEd students will also have access to a community of local and international students through organized activities, events and services.

Centrally Located Housing

  • All GlobalEd students are placed in either apartments, student dormitories or with local families.
  • GlobalEd assures that all housing options meet minimum standards and include basic amenities.
  • All GlobalEd housing options are within close proximity to either class, internships or local transportation.

Experienced Onsite Staff

  • Every GlobalEd program is coordinated by an onsite coordinator or team to help you get the most out of your time abroad.
  • Our onsite staff speak English, have experience in working with study abroad students and have in-depth knowledge of the local city, language and life abroad.
  • GlobalEd staff are easily accessible and available to advise students academically, emotionally and professionally throughout the program. Globaled staff are on call 24/7 to handle emergencies.
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